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Our mission is to reduce the failure rate of startups by helping venture founders build all the foundational IP needed to get ready to get out of Beta and Scale.

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Build your Foundational IP Stack

We help build all of the pieces of your foundational IP that will increase your valuation, give very high confidence to advisors and investors, and increase the probability of your venture getting past Beta as fast as possible.

IP Stack

There are 16 fundamental components of the IP stack that will help increase the value of your venture

Venture Education

We have built a very extensive knowledge base of 60+ videos to guide you through the process of building the business

Reef™ Community

An exclusive group ventures going through the process of Aha To Exit, sharing knowledge and adding to the venture acceleration process

Origins of The Reef™

There is a very popular concept in the world of entrepreneurship called the Blue Ocean©, which is an ideology/methodology that startups can use to win in a saturated/competitive market. It’s about re-positioning to create a competitive advantage in the market. Because of the speed of change in the world of entrepreneurship, it doesn’t cut it to be in the blue ocean anymore (hint: that’s because the blue ocean is full of blood too).


That’s why we created The Reef™.


The images below show the differences between The Red Ocean, The Blue Ocean© and The Reef™.

Ventures thriving in The Reef™

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Why do startups really fail?

Did you know that in the US alone there are 13,700 ventures
that are started every day?
(or five million per year)


Small to medium size startups and businesses are responsible foe close to 45% of the GDP of the United States.


That’s close to Eight TRILLION dollars.

But, that’s not the crazy part..


Out of the five million ventures that are started every year, 90% of them fail in the first two years.


That’s 12,330 failed ventures every day and, in the time you were reading this, 85 businesses were shut down.

The study behind why startups and ventures fail has been arguably one of the most important studies of the 21st century so far.

This is because for every 1% of failure rate we reduce, the country gains BILLIONS of dollars added back to its GDP.

For every 1% of success rate we can increase, we are accelerating innovation in magnitudes that’s been unseen in the world until now.

For every time a startup survives and lives past its Beta, we are creating more and more jobs and opportunities.

And with the limited amount of resources we’ve had so far, here are the top reasons for the failure that is available right now:


The above reasons for failure are all valid. And they are all dangerous areas for possible failure. The world of entrepreneurship has been working on tracking some of these failure reasons and we haven’t made any progress to reduce the failure rate of ventures.


It turns out that the real reason for entrepreneurial failure has not been talked about in any of these studies.

Introducing the World's First Startup Roadmap

Aha To Exit is a step-by-step roadmap for innovators and creators to go from from their Aha! moment all the way to exit and harvest.

8 years ago, when the Aram Chavez (founder and author of Aha To Exit startup roadmap) started teaching entrepreneurship in the #1 innovative university in the U.S. he finally found out the real reasons why startups fail.

Everything people thought were the reasons for failure was not the root cause. They were all just mere symptoms of the real problem.

The real problem was that there was no step-by-step process. There was no map.

By teaching entrepreneurship using the map, Aram quickly became the highest rated professor in the most innovative university in the US.

Since 2012, Aram Chavez has been teaching and testing the map with thousands of students and startups.

The process works. And now he’s decided that the world is ready to accelerate it’s speed of innovation..


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The Reef™ - Program Overview
  • Stage 1

    We learn about you and your business. You learn about us and how our accelerator increases the value of your company.

  • Stage 2

    We determine where you are on the Startup Roadmap.

  • Stage 3

    We discuss your foundational IP and determine what you are missing.

  • Stage 4

    We provide you with a proprietary knowledge repository complete with all the necessary tools, resources and direction needed to complete the gaps and steps in an accelerated timeline.

  • Stage 5

    We review your progress and analyze your IP.

  • Stage 6

    We deliver next step guidance on three paths depending on your business. (Roadmap Progression, Funding, and Prototyping).

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