The Post-Money Valuation Model

Introducing the Aunt Hilda Model:

  • Quickly calculate the Equity Percentage when Friends, Family & Fools invest in your business.
  • A simple visual understanding of Pre-Money & Post-Money Valuation.
  • Avoid the mistake so many entrepreneurs make about post-money valuations.
  • Bring the Aunt Hilda Valuation Infographic when you pitch to your OWN Aunt Hilda.

Protect Your Company’s Future:

  • You’d be surprised to hear how many entrepreneurs get this wrong. You don’t want to be one of them!
  • Look confident when pitching to potential investing partners; you cannot get your valuation numbers wrong.
  • Your Friends, Family & Fools will appreciate the simple Aunt Hilda Infographic when you explain their equity share to them.

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