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Aha To Exit provides entrepreneurial advising for startups as the first months and years of every business are the most challenging. We hate hearing the statistic that over 90% of startups fail within the first two years; our mission is to provide the necessary tools and mentorship to reduce failure rate and give startups what they need to succeed.

Startup Advising from Aha To Exit
Advising session for startups

What Is Aha To exit Startup Advising?

We approach every startup by building a strong foundation with our advisors and resources

We utilize our proven Startup Roadmap and experienced team to ensure your company is well prepared for the next steps that lie ahead on your journey.

Aha To Exit guides entrepreneurs through the challenging early stages of forming a venture. We work closely with you to help you develop the critical foundation that you will need in order to increase valuation and attract investment. We’ll help you complete the necessary research, validation, and strategy you will need to develop a strong framework for your company.

Our Process


Meet with one of our success advisors for a complimentary discovery call so we can learn more about your startup.


Your matched startup mentor will follow-up with an analysis of your venture’s current structure and an action plan for where to go next.


Meet weekly (or as needed) with your startup mentor to help mentor you through the early stages of your startup’s foundational growth.

Mentoring startups across the country...

“I’ve been working with Aha To Exit for almost a year and it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with them. When I first came to them, I had a homemade prototype that I threw together in my apartment. While I worked on the hardware, Aha To Exit helped me develop a marketing strategy that suited my product. Additionally, they provided me with tons of information and resources for developing a go-to-market strategy. ”
Ricky Johnson
Founder, Barrage Training Tech
"As a business owner and member of the Aha to Exit accelerator course, I can't recommend it enough to people with businesses that could benefit from a stronger foundation. I just wish I'd known about it in time to help save my previous failed venture... I'm hoping to make some connections with people to participate in my journey going forward as colleagues, mentors, friends, and everything in between.
Brandon Keeber
Co-Founder, Novatropes
"I have this group of experts that I can really zone in on their expertise and feed off of what I need to adjust, and be fully ready to launch."
Lisa Torkkola
Real Estate Consultant
"You're trying to raise money on an idea and you can't even articulate where you've been and where you're going and there's frustration. Why can't I raise money? You need to do these other steps along the way."
Mark Macias
Founder, Homeparify
“Want to tell investors where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going? Use the Startup Advising from Aha To Exit”
Troy Swope
Co-Founder, Footprint
"If you're a startup or thinking of creating a startup, you want to learn the Aha to Exit Roadmap. They have a talented team and a deep bench."
Bill Birgen
CEO, Soggy Food Sucks
"Nobody tells you the steps to take. Everybody's got ideas. Here's they've given you a process that you can understand, you can grasp, you can do. That's what it's all about. You can have ideas all over the place. It doesn't matter, they're worthless, unless you take action."
Gordon Bried
Gallant Systems
"The Roadmap is kind of like a recipe. If you want to cook something tasty, follow the roadmap, follow the recipe. I did elevator pitches but I hit a roadblock. I want to take the steps through, and get through to the elevator pitches to funding to beta to exit."
Mark Harper


We often ask the startup founders in our program, “What is the one thing that will help you the most to build your company?” The answer we hear the most: mentorship.

We provide personalized mentorship and advising to as many startups as we can. We believe that the majority of the issues around the world can be solved by entrepreneurs, and our goal is to be able to provide you with what you need to help you make your impact on the world.

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