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The essential strategies needed to launch and scale your startup the right way. Presented through the investor’s lens, and created for startup founders and entrepreneurs. 

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Aram Chavez, President

Startup bootcamp entrepreneurship accelerator

Meet Your Instructor

Aram Chavez

Aram Chavez is the #1 rated educator of entrepreneurship at the #1 rated university for innovation in the United States. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Global Consultant and a successful Venture Capitalist. In Startup Bootcamp, Professor Chavez will take you through all of the pivotal elements needed to launch and scale your company. Startup Bootcamp comes with the same great content delivered in our LIVE workshops, as well as additional resources to build the foundation of your business.

What is Startup Bootcamp?

Our digital course is designed to help startup founders successfully launch and grow their startup. We will explore the levels of the Aha To Exit Startup Roadmap, and take you through what it takes to get out of the startup phase as quickly as possible.

This course will focus attention on the process of moving from innovation to commercialization, and ultimately, to monetization. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, this will be an essential course for your startup company.

20 Video Lessons

You'll get access to startup expertise delivered to you by Aram Chavez that you would only receive at world-leading universities.

Exclusive Content

The content delivered in Startup Bootcamp is exclusive to our online course and is not accessible anywhere else on the web.

Startup Worksheets

Get access to some of the same, high quality startup worksheets that we use for the startups in our Accelerator program.

Proven Lessons

The lessons (over 3 hours of video content) inside Startup Bootcamp have been delivered to both students and entrepreneurs since 2012.

Startup Bootcamp Curriculum

Lesson 1:
Introduction to Tech Entrepreneurship

Lesson 2: Competition and the Reef

Lesson 3: The Division of Expenses

Lesson 4: Go-To-Market Strategy

Lesson 5: Bootstrapping Your Startup

Lesson 6:
Customer Relationship Management

Lesson 7: Guerrilla Marketing

Lesson 8: Identifying your Niche

Lesson 9: Who is your Relevant Market?

Lesson 10: How to Scale Without Dying in Death Valley

Lesson 11:
Market Development & Customization

Lesson 12: Vesting Equity in a Startup

Lesson 13: General Capital Structure

Lesson 14: Pre and Post-Money Valuation

Lesson 15: The Expandable Pie

Lesson 16:
Treasury Stock-What is it and How Does it Work?

Lesson 17: Dilution and its Effects on Investors

Lesson 18: Dilution (Cont.)

Lesson 19: Per Unit Pricing

Lesson 20: How to Elicit an Emotional Response

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Entrepreneurs Using Startup Bootcamp

“Want to tell investors where you’ve been, where you’re at and where you’re going? Use the processes and strategies outlined in Startup Bootcamp.”
Troy Swope
Co-founder, Footprint
"If you're a startup or thinking of creating a startup, you want to learn the Aha To Exit Startup Roadmap."
Bill Birgen
CEO, Soggy Food Sucks
"As a business owner, I can't recommend Startup Bootcamp enough to people with businesses that could benefit from a stronger foundation.
Brandon Keeber
CEO Novatropes
“The Startup Roadmap helps students see the journey of an entrepreneur and know the sacrifice needed to actually exit a company. For me, it is the Bible of entrepreneurship.”
Mentor Dida
Program Coordinator, at Ashoka Youth Ventures
“This is an awesome tool! There should be a poster-sized version on the wall of every early-stage startup.”
Chad Brown
Sr. Program Architect, Salesforce
“Startup Bootcamp will save you months or years in building your startup. These are the lessons that all entrepreneurs should be taught before beginning their venture.”
Michael Nield
Operations/Finance Entrepreneur

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