A Proven Step-by-Step Process for Innovators to become Entrepreneurs

We believe that there is a specific process you can follow to go from your Aha! moment, to your Exit and Harvest.

Aha To Exit was founded by Aram Chavez in 2013, as a means of democratizing the success path in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Aha To Exit exists to enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to have an idea that addresses any pain (problem) or gap (opportunity), use our tools, strategies, tactics, frameworks, templates, community and build a repeatable and scalable business around their ideas.

Some Ventures in our Ecosystem

One Roadmap, 10 Steps and 47 Sub-Steps

There’s a process for everything from making toast to landing on the moon. Aha To Exit is the process for ideas to become businesses.

Our program consist of downloadable tools, videos, templates, frameworks and books for every sub step of every step of the map. Our goal is to guide innovators and entrepreneurs through this map and give them the guidance to get through the first 6 steps of the map as fast as possible.

90-95% of all startups die before reaching step 6 of the startup map and this is that we call hitting escape velocity. Just like how a rocket spends most of it’s fuel to get out of the earths atmosphere and hit escape velocity, startups burn out the most before they can get out of step 6.

With a step by step process map, our goal is the increase rate of success of startups and help innovators build a better and brighter future.

The Aha To Exit Program

While we take you through your entrepreneurial journey, step by step, you will be given access to various resources that will act as stepping stones throughout.

  • Operations: We will help you with leading your team and company and to measure what matters
  • Funding and Financing: We will prepare you to be funding ready and get you in front of the right investors.
  • Legal and Capital: We will help you decide how to split the pie and ways in which you need to protect your intellectual property.
  • Marketing: We have a team of in-bound and outbound marketing experts to help you scale digitally.
  • Sales: Going hand in hand with marketing, our team of expert salesmen will help you create a lead a very effective sales team.
  • Founder Mentors: People who’ve been there done that and gone through Aha to Exit that several times before

Our Mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs go from Aha To Exit by 2028