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Footprint, LLC has utilized the teachings of Aha To Exit in order to scale. Footprint is now a global leader in eliminating single-use plastics from the grocery store. Discover other ventures using Aha To Exit’s program.

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Aha To Exit is a proven startup accelerator complete with mentorship, resources and one-on-one guidance provided by our trained and certified startup experts. Whether your business is just an idea or a candidate for acquisition, our team provides targeted resources and actionable guidance to move you to the next stage of the startup life cycle.

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We have helped 3500+ entrepreneurs through mentoring, workshops, investment and educational resources. Our accelerator follows a 10-step process to bring your idea to a fully functional, realized and exitable business.

You will be guided by a real world, real-time 10-step sequence to commercialize and monetize your dreams. 

Startups succeed when they have, “commitment to stay the course and stick with a chosen path.”

– Entrepreneur Magazine

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