Frequently Asked Questions

General - The Reef™ - Cloud Accelerator

  • First, you will need to schedule a consultation with one of our trusted associates so we can determine if you are a good fit for The Reef™ – Cloud Accelerator. Click here to schedule your consultation.
  • The Startup Roadmap
  • You’ll receive worksheets, access to a knowledge repository, and a simple step-by-step guided project management system to create your portfolio of 18 foundational intellectual property assets that are organized into a portfolio.
  • Access to a network of startups who are in the same position as you and have been where you have been.
  • Access to a network of professionals who are recommended by the Aha To Exit™ team to help you with technology, legal, accounting, and more.
  • Tools to develop your startup.
  • During a conversation with one of our Aha To Exit™ certified business advisors, they will determine where you are on the Startup Roadmap, your company culture, and if you are ready for the next steps. Based on this conversation, your Aha To Exit™ certified business advisor will invite you to join The Reef™ – Cloud Accelerator or advise you to re-apply later.

While creating your foundational intellectual property portfolio you will be:

  1. Securing your expertise in your market
  2. Identifying and confirming your C.U.L.T.
  3. Providing hard evidence that your startup will be successful
  4. You’ll have a complete portfolio to share with investors
  • No, this is the foundation of your business and you’ll continue to return to this portfolio to clear up any problems you are experiencing in the future in or on the business.
  • No worries! We’ve experienced that startups using The Reef™ – Cloud Accelerator before jumping into product prototyping have a higher success rate. You may find in steps 1-3 your original Aha! Moment will change.
  • No, you do not need a business plan. Our founder, Aram Chavez, says, “as an investor, I don’t have time to read an 80-page business plan, and as an entrepreneur, you do not have time to write one.” 
    Behold, the birth of The Reef™ – Cloud Accelerator! The foundational phase of The Reef ™ – Cloud Accelerator will help you develop your intellectual property portfolio that will replace your business plan.
  • No, we practice a cloud accelerator which is 100% online-based.
  • We found that 87% of failed startups do not complete steps 1-3. Many startups that join The Reef™ – Cloud Accelerator are already up and running, but struggling to scale because they’ve skipped these steps.

There are a total of four cohorts that we help startups and businesses work through:

  1. Foundation (Steps 1-3)
  2. Validation (Steps 4-6)
  3. Growth (Step 7)
  4. Operations (Steps 8-9)
  • It has taken previous startups 4-12 weeks to finish the foundational series.

We look for people who are dedicated to their startup, motivated, and invested in their success. Notice we did not say anything about the industry of your startup; your startup can be anything as long as you are willing to put the time in on making it successful!

General - Aha To Exit™

  • We chose Aha To Exit™ because we help entrepreneurs get from their Aha! Moment to their Exit by helping to reduce failure rates and increase the value of each venture we work with.
  • The founder of Aha To Exit™ is Aram Chavez. Aram is a serial entrepreneur, professor, and investor with idealism fit for entrepreneurs who are inventors and engineers. He is the #1 rated professor of entrepreneurship at the #1 rated university for innovation.
  • “Innovation without entrepreneurship is hallucination!” – Aram Chavez
  • We’d be happy to review your startup idea. Fill out this form to talk to one of our trusted advisors.
  • “Innovation without entrepreneurship is hallucination!” – Aram Chavez
  • Absolutely. Once you’ve joined the accelerator program, you’ll be connected with a wide variety of leaders like yourself. If your goal is to find a business partner, the Aha To Exit™ team will ask you a series of questions and provide you with connections.
  • Business school teaches people how to work for a business. At Aha To Exit™, we teach you how to build a successful business.
  • At Aha To Exit™ we help entrepreneurs go from their Aha! Moment to Exit. We offer help by enrolling startups into The Reef™- Cloud Accelerator, advising sessions with Aram Chavez and our trusted business advisors, and investments.
  • Customers, Users, and Lead Testers. These are the people that are experts in your niche and will confirm your product/service as valuable or not.


  • Absolutely, we work with startups at all stages of the lifecycle.
  • The amount of money we invest varies depending on the startup’s needs and plans to use the money.
  • After you’ve built the foundation of your company, an Aha To Exit™ business advisor will review your foundational intellectual property portfolio and recommend you to a trusted investor. There are many factors in choosing a startup for recommendation to our network of investors.
  • This varies based on the number of startups enrolled and have completed their foundational intellectual property portfolio.
  • Create a strong relationship with an Aha To Exit™ business advisor and build or provide your foundational intellectual property portfolio.

What are the most successful startups Aha To Exit™ has worked with?