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Quit Your Job! 5 Signs That It’s Time to Work for Yourself.

If any of these sound like you, or if you're seeing different signs that it's time to quit your job, take our short quiz below and see how far away you are from safely quitting your job and bringing your passions to life!
quit your job

“Quit your job; chase your dream!” You’ve been muttering this phrase for some time now.

Usually, it’s a fleeting feeling, but you haven’t been able to shake it this time. You’re not sure why you can’t stop thinking about quitting your job, but you know there’s a reason. Read on and take our quiz at the end!

1. You wake up dreading going into work

Your alarm jolts you awake, and the first thing you do is hit snooze. After ten minutes, you convince yourself that you just need another 10 minutes to be ready for the day. Finally, you force yourself up, but then it hits you: dread.

All you can think about is quitting your job. Not because you’re lazy and don’t want to work, but because you feel caught in a cycle of monotony and you crave more. You’d rather be excitedly jumping out of bed, to tackle all of the hard, rewarding work ahead of you.

It might be time to quit your job and work for yourself.

2. You’re starting to let things slide

You’re a self-starter, and you’re always on top of your tasks in the office. Though, you’ve started to notice that you’re letting things slide. In the past, you felt passionate about even the smallest details of your work. Now, those details are unimportant annoyances, which don’t deserve to be addressed.

Co-workers with that kind of attitude used to annoy you, but things have changed. You spend much of your time wishing you were doing something else. You’re ready for a new challenge because you know how much you’re capable of, and your current job is barely scratching the surface.

You start to wrestle with the idea of quitting your job and bringing your passion to life.

3. You keep catching yourself browsing job boards.

quit your job

You’re not sure how it happened, but you’ve found yourself visiting and again! Every open position catches your eye because you’re not feeling fulfilled at your current job.

In reflection, you remember how excited you were to land your current job, and you consider how much you’ve learned. Maybe it’s time to quit your job and take that knowledge elsewhere.

Maybe it’s even time to monetize that knowledge on your own.

4. You don’t feel valued within your organization.

You love your co-workers and they love you. You have a nice, steady paycheck and you feel that you’ve ticked all the boxes, but your starting to feel that you can’t stay here – you’re meant for more. What’s the issue? Is it burnout, and you just need to recover?

It dawns on you: you’re just another cog in the corporate machine. If you quit your job, you’ll be replaced by someone less qualified within a matter of days, maybe weeks. Sure, you’re not asking for praise or accolades, but you know your value and you’ve been selling yourself short.

It’s bittersweet, because deep down you know it’s time to quit your job.

5. You want to be your own boss.

quit your job

Working for someone else no longer makes sense to you. You’ve had a business concept in your back pocket, but you’re hesitant because you know how much of a commitment it is. After some reflection, you realize that maybe it’s time to build a business around your aha moment.

You examine the Startup Roadmap and realize, you can do this.

If any of these sound like you, or if you’re seeing different signs that you should quit your job, click here to take the quiz and see how far away you are from safely quitting your job and bringing your passions to life!

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