Exploring Hustler: You can Quit your Job in 2.5 years*

When it comes to ideas and how valuable ideas are, there are various schools of thought. On one hand, ideas are worthless. An idea is nothing if it’s not followed by execution. The bigger the idea, the greater the execution has to been it. But here is the good news: execution is not possible if you do not have any idea on what to do.

So, congratulations on crossing the first chasm and deciding that there is an idea that you want to work on. Most people go through life never even coming close to this step. So be proud of yourself!

A few important things about your Exploring Hustler persona

  1. You have what it takes to fail many times and keep going until you’re successful. You’re just not fully sure that it’s true.
  2. You want to take the leap of faith and be the architect of your own life. You’re just not sure when.
  3. You are yet to unleash your creative genius out into the world. This is because your ideas are not followed by effective execution.

The most important steps that you can take towards getting to the next level in entrepreneurship are these:

  1. Do NOT skip steps.
  2. Start having fun doing things the right way.
There’s a lot to be learned about the various functions of the business and various frameworks, tactics, tools and strategies to take your idea into a repeatable and scalable business. With the right process, resources and guidance, you will go from being an Exploring Hustler to a Hardcore Hustler.

Here's what you need to do next:


With years of investing, funding and teaching our team at Aha To Exit™ , our founder Aram Chavez came up with the world’s first startup roadmap that takes you from your Aha! moment to Exit.

Download the map in the link above and we will guide you from there! 🙂


We gave you an estimate on when you can quit your job based on a limited number of questions. The number we have given for when you can quit your job is only a suggestion based on very limited data and can be either less or more based on a lot more information. Please be sure to speak to one of our specialists to assess your situation more to give you a more accurate prediction.