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Adi Jagannathan
Founder & Venture Architect

Through his experience assembling and managing teams, Adi recognizes empathy, self-awareness, and self-motivation as keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As those characteristics in leadership are the antidote to  friction, confusion, and underperformance. He firmly believes that a strong company culture, set by the leader, is the only way a team can be disciplined enough to execute it’s business model.


Adi is offering free, 30-minute strategy sessions to help venture leaders figure out their next steps. By finding and developing a talented team that you can trust without constant oversight, you can free yourself to truly lead your company.  Work with Adi to address current challenges both in and on the business, and take your next steps with intention.

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Business Model Strategizing

Adi’s expertise is in advising CEOs on how to assemble and lead a team to identify and execute the essential functions of a sustainable business model for their ventures.

Clients share their experience

After walking Adi through our past and current pain points, he deep-dived into my core positive and negative business practices and was able to shine a light on fundamental changes that we needed to make. 1 year later, we’ve successfully completed our launch and have our first assembly line up and running. Adi has consistently provided perceptive and objective feedback which has proved invaluable time and time again.
Brandon Keeber
CEO, Novatropes
While putting my business together, we looked at multiple options for incubators and business advice services. Adi's advice along with the A2E roadmap has helped give our business a leading direction and a scalable business platform to grow on. Working with Adi has been a friendly and very rewarding experience every step of the way.
Alex Gomez
CEO, Silicon Visual Productions

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