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The Reef™ Inside Look: Barrage Training Technology


Ricky Johnson
Founder of Barrage Training Technology
Inventor of the Striking Sleeve

My name is Ricky Johnson and I am the inventor of the Barrage Striking Sleeve.

I’ve been working with Aha To Exit for almost a year and it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with them. When I first came to them, I had a homemade prototype that I threw together in my apartment. While I worked on the hardware, Aha To Exit helped me develop a marketing strategy that suited my product. Additionally, they provided me with tons of information and resources for developing a go-to-market strategy. 

Striking Sleeve in Action

The development process has been a really long road with many twists and turns; however, being apart of their accelerator program has made this path to production seem a lot more tangible. As of now, the Striking Sleeve is finally in production and I truly don’t think I could have made it this far without the help from Aha To Exit. They have a phenomenal team and program that facilitates the journey through their Startup Roadmap that told me exactly where my venture was, and what I needed to do going forward. 

Obviously, entrepreneurship can be unpredictable, but I had never been exposed to a concrete step-by-step process that gave me such a clear vision for what I should be accomplishing first as an entrepreneur. I found their roadmap extremely helpful, along with the detailed advice from their team. It allowed me to avoid a lot of costly mistakes that I would have made along the way. The Aha To Exit team is constructed of members who have gone through the tough process of building startups themselves and they provide useful and realistic feedback and advice. 

I still have a long journey on my path to building an established business. Knowing that I have an experienced team and community of entrepreneurs behind me gives me the confidence, support, and informational resources that I need to keep pushing!

– Ricky Johnson

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